How To Make Healthy Decisions When Eating Out

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It's one thing to eat healthy at home when you're in control of what's available - but eating out while traveling can sometimes put a strain on our healthy eating habits. Travel and meals out are a part of life - and quite enjoyable, don't you think? So feeling confident and comfortable with making healthy choices with the options you're given is an important part of continuing your healthy lifestyle.
The holidays are only a few months away, where your calendar will be overflowing with holiday parties. Therefore, now is the time to get this under wraps so you can sail right into the holiday season confident that you won't enter the new year with any un-welcomed extra pounds!
Here are a few simple tips you can take with you wherever you go...
Don't be afraid to ask. If you're having difficulty finding something healthy on a menu, don't be afraid to ask for a modification. For example, if you're at an Italian restaurant with a menu full of pasta dishes - consider substituting the pasta for broccoli or spinach. You still get the toppings and sauce, but without the plate full of extra carbs. The dish still tastes just as great!
Avoid drinking your calories. This goes for anytime, but an incredibly simple way to make a small healthy shift is to choose water. It's clearly the healthiest choice, but this doesn't mean you can't enjoy a green tea or the occasional glass of red wine alongside your water. Balance is everything, but water is the top priority.
Prepare yourself before going out. Deciding which of the meals on the menu are both tasty and healthy can be time-consuming and not the kind of task you want to do while you're in the restaurant. It can be smart to look at the menu of the restaurant before hand, which can usually be found on their website. From the comfort of your own home, you can research which of the meals is the healthiest, and you'll be ready to order when you get there without studying the menu for ten minutes!
Another of my favorite tips is ordering an appetizer as my meal with a side salad. The amount of food you get with an appetizer and a small side salad is usually just the right amount - unlike the over-sized portions often found on the entrée menu.
So, as you can see, these are simple hacks that can make a difference in the quality of food you eat while eating out. With healthy restaurants popping up everywhere, it becomes easier and easier to find healthy options while eating out, so take advantage of that and you'll feel better for it too.
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